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Chester the Cat Gets Saved

Chester a cat saved

You may or may not have met Chester at the ACF or seen his bio online since his experience with us has been a bit tumultuous.

If you have met him, you know that this 8 year old boy is a total love bug. Immediately, he meets, greets and treats you to a big dose of his kindness and good will.

Chester was brought to the ACF along with Eldon after their owner passed away. Both are sweet boys, but apparently when Chester showed up on the man’s door, Eldon was not in the mood for a feline brother. So, Chester became an outdoor cat living in the backyard with two rabbits, and a duck, while Eldon lived indoors.

As you can see from Chester’s picture, he has what appear to be scabs on his nose. The first vet who saw Chester said that these spots were the result of chronic sunburn, a negative result from his life outdoors.  The vet advised that these spots could very likely become cancerous in the future, but that for now Chester was not bothered by the spots and could be adopted and live a good life.

When Chester was brought to a second vet for dental work, the second vet took one look, declared the spots cancerous and suggested that Chester be euthanized – much to the shock and dismay of everyone.

A serious discussion ensued and it was decided that in order to get a definitive diagnosis, a biopsy should be done on Chester’s nose.

The results? Chester has early stage squamous cell carcinoma on his nose, but it has not spread to the surrounding tissue. Chester a cat with squamous cell carcinoma

In the meantime, the family that lived on the back of the property of the owner came to see Chester at the ACF. It was apparent to all that Chester and the dad had a very close bond and Chester howled when the man left.

They waited anxiously (along with the rest of us) for Chester’s diagnosis. Once they heard the positive news, they immediately said they wanted to adopt Chester. After his dental, his family picked him up and took him to their new home in Imperial Beach.

An update from his family says that Chester adores being back “home” with his loving family and is happy to be reunited with his rabbit friends. He has been put on new wet food diet which he is thoroughly enjoying.

It took a collaboration to save Chester and we are all happy that Chester is resuming the wonderful life that he had before, living with his kind, loving, caring family.

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