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Litter Free Program

“A Litter Free Coronado” Program

Residents of Coronado and some neighboring communities wishing to get a cat fixed may take advantage of PAWS of Coronado’s program “A Litter Free Coronado” which aims to reduce the unwanted cat population through spay/neuter.

Kittens born to a stray unspayed cat

PAWS of Coronado is offering a voucher to residents of Coronado, Imperial Beach, National City or Chula Vista who are either unable to afford to spay/neuter their own pet cats, or wish to spay/neuter a stray cat that they are feeding but do not wish to adopt. This plan applies to feral cats as well, when the client intends to release them back to the colony.

Qualifying cat owners, or caretakers of stray/feral cats, will receive a voucher good for one feline spay or neuter for use at a vet nearest your home that works in partnership with PAWS of Coronado.

To obtain a voucher, a request is made by calling Claudia Lorge at 619-437-1769. The voucher is mailed to the client with instructions to call the veterinarian for an appointment. The voucher does not specify male or female, which may be an unknown factor at this point. The client is instructed to take the cat AND THE VOUCHER to the veterinarian on the day of the surgery.

Please note that the voucher covers only the surgery and does not cover vaccinations, cryptorchid males, lactating females, females in heat or pregnant, pre-op blood tests, post-op pain medication, dissolvable sutures or E-collars if required. If any of the above conditions exist or are necessary and the client wants to include those items, the client has to pay for them.

Please call Claudia or email

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