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Diego, Latte, TC and Miss Bunny: All Adopted!


diego a teen cat for adoption can be very sweetlatte a buff tabby kitten for adoption from paws of coronado


Younger cat pairs are being adopted all over the place! Diego and Latte were adopted earlier this week. Both of these energetic kittens are happy to be going home with their new mom. They make an excellent pair, both always looking to play and getting along great with each other. They are sure to bring a lot of fun to their new home!


tc a buff tabby cat for adoption relaxingBunny


Siblings TC and Miss Bunny have also found a home! Their new family originally had asked after Diego, but after hearing he was adopted they came in to meet TC and Miss Bunny and fell in love. These affectionate kittens both love to cuddle, so they will be extremely happy in their new home that includes two young daughters who are great at providing that gentle love and attention these two deserve.

Wallace, Opal, and Ruby’s New Homes

opal a dsh black kitten for adoption is a tri pawed feline


ruby a dmh black kitten for adoption is a tri pawed feline


Three more cats have found their forever homes with a little help from the PAWS of Coronado. Wallace had such a short stay with PAWS that he never made it to the website or got an official bio before his new family picked him our. He’s a big tortoiseshell tabby with an even bigger heart. He easily picked out his new family when they came in looking for their new cat.

It’s with the utmost excitement that we announce the next two adoptions: Opal and Ruby! These two sweetheart siblings have had trouble finding a home because they each had to have a leg removed when they first came in as injured kittens from the ‘Equipment Yard’ Litter that also gave us Goose and Maverick. Their new parents had previously adopted one of PAWS’s senior cats, Peaches, in 2011. Peaches passed away and the couple came in looking for two cats that would have some difficulty finding a home. When they met Opal and Ruby, everyone knew it was the perfect match!

Could our next December adoption story feature you? As part of our “”Bring Joy into Your World” Holiday Adoption promotion, all adoption fees are half off for all of December. That makes this the perfect time to come in and see if you fall in love!

Cassie, Ebony, and Cappuccino Head Home



Cats are being adopted left and right this holiday season!

cassie a brown tabby torbie cat for adoption from paws of coronado

Cassie was picked out by a family that came into PAWS on Saturday looking for a cat. Cassie’s friendly charms worked their magic and she headed home with them, happy as can be.

ebony a cat for adoption from paws of coronado

Ebony was fostered by her new mom after they met and fell in love with each other at our Black Friday Adoption Event. The two bonded instantly, but Mom needed to be sure Ebony would get along with her other cat. She does and her adoption was made final!

cappuccino a dilute tortie kitten for adoption from paws of coronado

Finally, little Cappuccino was a newer addition to the main Cat Room at the ACF. She didn’t stick around long, quickly catching the eye and heart of own of PAWS own KAs! She has headed to her new home where she instantly made a new best friend in PAWS alumni Libby.

Could our next holiday adoption story feature you? As part of our “”Bring Joy into Your World” Holiday Adoption promotion, all adoption fees are half off for all of December. That makes this the perfect time to come in and see if you fall in love!



Snowbelle is Home!

Snowbelle, an 18 month chihuahua/terrier, has just been adopted! You may not recognize her because she never made it to the website. Today a family came in and took her to her permanent home. She left with her new mom, dad, sisters, and grandma. Snowbelle’s a super friendly dog and is perfect for this family. Thank you to Snowbelle’s new family for adopting her!



Speaking of dogs, Paws of Coronado is having a December Holiday Promotion. Paws teamed up with the No More Homeless Pets Network to bring you this wonderful deal: During the whole month of December, adoption fees will be 50% off! What’s a better time to adopt then now? Click the link here to see the dogs we have up for adoption!

December Adoption Promo

Weekly Walks: Cheddar and Chive

cheddar a young chihuahua for adoption is playfulThelma and Louise. Bonnie and Clyde. Tom and Jerry. Of all of famous duos out there, PAWS of Coronado has its very own: Cheddar (left) and Chive (right). While the two spunky Chihuahuas are more of a Lewis and Clark duo, they are still an adorable pair.

They absolutely love to go on walks and to explore Coronado, as they are less than a year old. As the walker today I felt like they were leading me around!

They both found their way to the Animal Care Facility as strays and were probably littermates. However, they can be adopted separately. Cheddar is the larger, more outgoing one, while Chive is the smaller, more reserved one. However, with the two of them there’s never a dull moment.

Cheddar and Chive love to sniff everything and a good portion of their hour-long walk was spent finding the perfect place to pee or finding the perfect scent to sniff.

Once the duo calms down they are affectionate and Cheddar isn’t stingy with the chin kisses. While Cheddar is more outgoing with his quest for affection, Chive loves to be petted too. Chive has this adorable habit of putting her mouth on your finger. She doesn’t bite hard and it’s not meant to be out of anger, but I think for Cheddar it’s her way of giving affection.

Both Cheddar and Chive love to be in your lap and are great dogs. While they prefer each other’s company to other animals, they are still excellent with people. An ideal home for these deserving canines is one without other animals, older children and a chive a young chihuahua for adoption from paws of coronadoloving family.

Also, as an added bonus Cheddar and Chive can be adopted for half price until the end of December. It’s part of the PAWS’s Bring Joy to the World adoption promotion, which means that dogs can be adopted for only $62.50 instead of $125.

If you’re interested in adopting Cheddar or Chive please fill out a dog adoption application and meet with a PAWS of Coronado Dog Adoption Counselor. Or, you may complete the online dog adoption application.

If you have any questions, please contact the Dog Adoption Team online or call Karen at 619-437-0220.

Officially Adopted: Linus and Stewart

linus a brown tabby kitten for adoption - can yo umnake his sad eyes happy?

stewart an orange torbie cat for adoption from paws of coronado


When introducing a new cat to a home that already has another pet, cat or dog, sometimes the animals hit it off and sometimes they never learn to live with each other. It is because of this that PAWS has a foster-to-adopt program, where prospective new owners can take home the cat they have their eye on for a trial period to make sure that all felines and canines can get along. Luckily, more often than not it works out great and the families move on to adopt the cat. This is the case for two of our former cats, Linus and Stewart!

Linus was brought home by his new family from our Black Friday Adoption Event. His new family includes a dog, so the family wanted to make sure they’d get along. The two quickly showed that they have no problems with each other and so Linus, now named ‘Buddy’, has become a permanent member of the household.

Stewart went through a longer foster period. His new parents adored him from day one, but his sibling, another cat, hadn’t interacted with other cats for some time and wasn’t sure how to read Stewart’s advances. Finally, though, the two sorted out their communication confusion and have realized they actually both want to be friends! A little patience paid off for Stewart and his new family.