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Trevor: A Dog For Adoption

Meet handsome Mr. Trevor, our newest arrival at the Coronado Animal Care Facility.   He came in as a stray.    Trevor is a drop dead gorgeous guy that is 2-3 years old and probably a Terrier Mix.  He resembles a “Glen of Imaal Terrier” and he weighs 26 pounds.  With his wolfish face, he is already attracting a lot of attention.  This gentleman walks well on a leash and rides well in a car.  He also loves to just sit with his favorite person and would make a great TV or reading buddy.  Trevor needs a dog savvy home, one without children that is quiet and calm.  Volunteers that have walked him have only good things to report, but he has been know to growl  in some situations.  The stability of a permanent home may help Trevor know that he will not be abandoned again and remedy this behavior.  Come meet this handsome gentleman soon and get ready for your new best friend!
The Coronado Animal Care Facility is open  between 9:00am and 4:00pm (except holidays) and is located at 1395 First Street at the south end of the Ferry Landing complex.  
If you are interested in an adoption  you must first complete a dog adoption application and meet with a PAWS of Coronado Dog Adoption Counselor. You may fill out the online dog adoption application at or contact
Trevor’s Stats:
Male Terrier Mix
2-3 yrs old, 26 pounds
Shots Up to Date, Neutered, Microchipped
Adoption Fee $125

Yay Darcie!

darcie a small dog for adoption from paws of coronado is a beauty

Hooray! Yesterday morning, Darcie was adopted and taken to her forever home with her new human companions Kim and Janice. They recently lost their previous dog and felt like they were ready for a new one. They saw Darcie and knew that she was the one. She has a wonderful yard to play in and a human who will be there almost all the time to give her all the pets and kisses she wants!

Congrats Darcie and thank you Kim and Janice for providing a warm and loving home for her. May you guys have years of fun!

darcie a small dog for adoption from paws of coronado smiles

Pet of the Week: Jamie

Jamie is the PAWS Pet of the Week

Jamie and her Amazing Technicolor Cali-coat

Jamie is a beautiful, friendly calico girl who was found wandering on Antigua Court as a stray. Social and sweet, Jamie is a petite stunner looking for a forever home.

·      Jamie is a lover, and enjoys being held and receiving affection from her human friends.

·      Jamie seems to thrive in social situations with both humans and felines, and we believe she would prefer a home with another feline friend.

·      One of Jamie’s unique features is that she lacks a tail. We aren’t sure if it is because she is a Manx and therefore tailless from birth or if she lost her tail in an accident along the way. Either way, we think it adds to her charm!


Jamie’s Stats:

Female Cat, 6 Years Old, DSH, Calico/Manx, Shots Up To Date, Spayed, Microchipped, Tested for FELV, FIV & Parasites, Adoption Fee = $50.00


Are you looking for a charming and affectionate lady to join your family? Contact the PAWS adoption team today to meet Jamie! You can contact the cat adoption team through the PAWS website ( or call Bob at 619-840-9727. And please check out Jamie’s full profile at

Cat Adoptions

Olivia a buff tabyy cat for adoption is serene

Olivia had a love-at-first-sight moment with her new family when they came in to the ACF. She locked eyes with the 10 year old daughter and everyone knew she had been waiting for them. Olivia not only gets a new human family but also a very unique animal companion. She’s now the sister of a dwarf bunny!
The kitten Squirt had been in a foster-to-adopt home to see if she would become friends with the family’s 5 year old resident cat. The two have become best friends. The two play, groom, and nap together as the happiest of sisters. Squirt’s adoption is now final!
Duke won the hearts of his new family with his cuddly personality! The mom, dad, and daughter trio came in and he was so happy to snuggle with them, not even taking a break from the cuddling and purring while they were filling out the paperwork.
Mookie found her perfect parents as well! Her new parents knew from the first day they had taken her home that they would suit each other. Mookie is the queen of her new castle and is thrilled to have found such a wonderful home.

Jamie a Cat for Adoption

jamie a calico cat for adoption from paws of coronado ready for action

Jamie is a new cat at the PAWS of Coronado looking for a home! She was found wandering around Antigua Court and is now looking for her new home. She’s a striking feline, with her pale fur and pretty pink nose, but her most distinctive traits are her thin furred hind legs which hint at Cornish Rex ancestry and her lack of a tail! We are not sure whether she has Manx ancestry and so was born without a tail or whether she lost it in an accident.

Jamie has an incredibly friendly personality. She greets you the moment you enter her room and comes over for attention. She loves being petted and held, circling around you and chirping as you give her attention. She also has a playful side, both with humans and other cats! Although her current feline roommate, Miller, has thus far ignored her invitations to play, Jamie clearly would adore having another cat around to play with in addition to a human family.

You can meet Jamie at the Coronado Animal Care Facility any day between 9:00am and 4:00pm (except holidays). The Coronado Animal Care Facility is located at 1395 First Street at the south end of the Ferry Landing complex.

If you are interested in adopting Jamie, you must first complete a Cat Adoption Application and meet with a PAWS of Coronado Cat Adoption Counselor. Cat adoption applications are available at the facility or Cat Adoption Applications may be completed online.

If you have any questions, please contact the Cat Adoption Team online or call Bob at 619-840-9727.

Jamie’s Stats

Female Cat, 6 Years Old, DSH, Calico/Manx, Shots Up To Date, Spayed, Microchipped, Tested for FELV, FIV & Parasites, Adoption Fee = $50.00

Did You Know That!?

Yes, dogs are so cute and fun pals to be with, but dogs are way more interesting animals than you think. Here’s a list of 10 things you may or may not know about your furry friend.


1. Dogs can understand up to 250 words and gestures.

Yep, you read right. 250! Also, they can perform simple mathematical calculations. They are about as intelligent as a two-year old child.

2. Dogs don’t like being hugged as much as you would think.

Hugging your dog is all something we do, right? Hugs are usually to show love and friendliness, but dogs interpret this gesture as a form of dominance.

3. Dogs drink water by using back of their tongue into a mini cup.

Check out this slow motion video of it happening presented by Discovery.

4. Dogs can actually see in color.

They can see in color, but not as well as we can. The image below compares our vision to dogs.












5. A wagging tail doesn’t always mean they are always happy.

According to Mirror UK, “dogs wag their tail to the right when they are happy and to the left when they are frightened. Wagging low means they are insecure and rapid movements accompanied by tense muscles or dilated pupils can signal aggression.”

6. Dogs have their own unique “nose print”

Just like we have unique finger prints, the print on your dogs nose is the only one you will ever find.

7. The most popular name for a dog is “Max.”

Other popular names include, Molly, Sam, Zach, and Maggie.

8. An adult dog has 42 teeth

9. Greyhounds can run up to 45 MPH.

10.  According to MSPCA, “The Poodle haircut was originally meant to improve the dogs swimming abilities as a retriever, with the pompoms left in place to warm their joints.”