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Bob and Chablis at Home


We already have a wonderful update from Bob and Chablis’ new mom that we wanted to share with you!

Just wanted to check in & let you know the kitties are doing great! They’re settling in nicely & getting (& giving) a ton of love.

Bob ( renamed Jack) slept on the bed with us last night & Chablis (renamed Lola) stayed curled up on her new pillow. She is a little princess after all!

Jack is sprawled out next to me now, purring and Lola is curled up on Brix’s lap. They’ve been having fun running up and down our long hallway with an occasional wrestling match thrown in. Nothing serious, just playtime and Lola doesn’t hesitate to throw in her “thumper feet” if she feels the need.

Thanks so much again to you, Corinne & the PAWS team. When we first thought about adopting a kitty we knew we wanted to adopt from PAWS and we are so happy to have found Jack & Lola. They’re the perfect pair! Love them & so happy to have them a part of our family!

It’s Kitten Season!

foster kittens for paws of coronado

Kitten Season has arrived!

It has been a late start throughout the county, but we are now having kittens being brought into the facility.

We do have a number of foster homes for the kittens, but we need to add more fosters to our programs to make sure all of the kittens are properly cared for.

We have a need for volunteers for our Itty Bitty Kitty Program – those orphaned kittens that need bottle feeding.

We also have a need for fosters for momma cats nursing kittens.

And finally, we have a need for volunteers for our Teeny Weany Program – those kittens that have been weaned and are just waiting to make weight/age to be spayed or neutered.

Experience is not a requirement. Volunteers can be trained to bottle feed or care for weaned kittens.

If you have any interest in becoming a foster for any of these kitten scenarios, please complete the online Cat Foster Application (click on the link to go to the Cat Foster Program page and scroll down to complete the form).

And please do spread the word!

Tiger Lily Post Surgery

tiger lily posr surgery
As many of you know, Tiger Lily underwent surgery today to remove her left eye.

Tiger Lily came to us last September with some hyper pigmentation in her left eye. Over the next few months, her eye became darker with more spots of brown pigmentation. While it could have been benign melanosis, it could also have been malignant melanoma. And even if it is benign at this point, the chances of it turning cancerous are high. After bringing her to two different veterinarian eye specialists, the decision was made to remove her eye.

The vet and staff told us that Tiger Lily did great – she was friendly, affectionate and purring during most of the day. The surgery went very smoothly and when Georgi picked her up from the vet, she was her usual gentle mannered self, enjoying the attention and pets.

She is not enjoying having the cone on and keeps trying to back out of it, but we keep telling her that she needs to wear it for a bit so that her incision can heal.

As you can see from these photos, the surgeon had a skilled hand and once the fur grows back in, Tiger Lily will be back to her beautiful self!

As for the status of the eye itself, we will have the lab results in two weeks and will update you on the results and how Tiger Lily is doing.

Come Join the Media Team!

volunteer with paws of coronado

Due to natural attrition and Naval relocations, we have a number of openings on the PAWS of Coronado Media Team.

These volunteer opportunities give you a chance to showcase your creativity while you help find homes for the orphaned cats and dogs available for adoption through PAWS of Coronado.

The following positions are available:

Cat Blogger, Facebook Poster & Twitter Poster

Event Blogger, Facebook Poster & Twitter Poster

Maintain the PAWs Pinterest Account

Help build the PAWS Instagram Account

Maintain the Adorable Adoptables Book

Coronado Connection – e-mail photos once a month

Coronado Patch – e-mail Pet of the Week and PAWS news and event information

eCoronado – post Pet of the Week and PAWS news and event information; including adding events to the eCoronado Events Calendar

Additional details are available on the Current Volunteer Requests page where you can also complete a volunteer application.

Happy Birthday Felix and Shadow!

Happy First Birthday Felix and Shadow!!!

In honor of their birthday, their mom sent us the most wonderful update that we want to share with you :-)

Felix he is getting very big and is filling out quite handsomely. He plays like mad with his spring toy throughout the house and also plays fetch with us. He is always at your feet wanting love and is constantly talking to you. Felix is also quite the investigator and loves exploring new things and people that come into our house. He loves laying in the sun and watching the birds outside. Felix is a lover.

Shadow is very handsome and elegant. He is long, lean and sleek. He loves to carry around his cat nip sock like a dog from room to room. He loves to snuggle up between your legs and loves kisses on his head. Shadow always follows Felix around and watches him while he investigates things. He has the cutest little meow ever! Also, he lost his one white whisker two months ago and he hasn’t grown another one. I guess that was just a kitten whisker. Shadow is so gentle and such a sweetie!

The boys are so sweet and we couldn’t have ask for a more perfect pair. They really do love each other and its amazing to see them take care of one another.

Thanks again to the team for caring for them. We love them soooooooooooo much!!!!!

Mardelle, John, Shadow and Felix!

We want to again thank everyone who loved and cared for these two delightful cats and helped them find their forever home!

Buster: A Dog For Adoption

buster an australian cattle dog beagle dog for adoption from paws of coronado
Meet Buster, a handsome new gentleman residing at the Coronado Animal Care Facility.   Buster is a three year old Blue Healer/Beagle blend that weighs 44 pounds.  Because of a family move, Buster had to be relinquished and he is very much wanting to be in a home again.  This guy is a true gem and is very polite and totally in tune with those who handle him.  Buster has beautiful makrings with a symmetrical black pattern predominant on his back.  He is has good manners and does not bark and takes in everything around him as he plays in the yard.  He loves his walks and is good on a leash.  This sweet guy could be your next sweetheart as he loves to shower you with attention and kisses!  Come meet him soon and give him a chance to find his forever home.
The Coronado Animal Care Facility is open  between 9:00am and 4:00pm (except holidays) and is located at 1395 First Street at the south end of the Ferry Landing complex.

If you are interested in an adoption  you must first complete a dog adoption application and meet with a PAWS of Coronado Dog Adoption Counselor. You may fill out the online dog adoption application at

Buster’s Stats

Male  Blue Healer/Beagle blend 3 years old

44  Pounds, Shots Up to Date, Neutered,  Microchipped

Adoption Fee = $125.00